Del Mar Contest 2021

Final Results

October 2, 2021
Powerhouse Park, Del Mar
Men Open Points Place
Spencer Ford (South Jetty Swells) 9.33 1st
Thorsten Hegberg (Chubascos) 8.93 2nd
Bart Templeman (South Jetty Swells) 8.73 3rd
Greg Wilkinson (Del Mar) 8.70 4th
Tony Sholl (South Jetty Swells) 8.67 5th
Brett Templeman (South Jetty Swells) 8.67 6th

Women Open Points Place
Makena Magro (Pine St) 10.27 1st
Dana Griffith (Del Mar) 7.77 2nd
Morgan Launer (Del Mar) 7.73 3rd
Whitney Kirk (Garibaldi) 7.60 4th
Nancy Chennell 7.60 5th
Angely Vallarta (Del Mar) 7.56 6th

Boys U18 Points Place
Jackson Giek (Del Mar) 7.97 1st
Dorian Quimby 7.94 2nd
Conner Delaney (Del Mar) 7.26 3rd
Logan Temple 7.17 4th
Luke Saikley 7.07 5th
Daxton Loughridge (Del Mar) 5.56 6th

Girls U18 Points Place
Miko Baron (Pine St) 14.93 1st
Gabriela Bigler (Del Mar) 8.44 2nd
Olivia Dillon (Santa Cruz) 8.13 3rd
Jade Vodrazka (Pine St) 8.13 4th
Paige Stallings (Del Mar) 7.50 5th

California Bodysurfing Tour Rankings

The CBT rankings after three events. The final event is Nov 27 in Ventura. Final rankings will be based on competitors’ top three event scores.


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