Del Mar Contest 2023

Final Results

October 8, 2023
Powerhouse Park, Del Mar
Men Open Points Place
Mark Drewelow (Del Mar) 13 1st
Greg Wilkinson (Del Mar) 7.63 2nd
Edward Sweeney (Bodysurf or Die!) 6.67 3rd
Thomas Gomes (Del Mar) 6 4th
Women Open Points Place
Grace Brossa (LBLG) 6.7 1st
Scotti Shafer 6.53 2nd
Mike Baron (Del Mar) 5.63 3rd
Malia Hanss (The Guardians) 4.9 4th
Boys U18 Points Place
Sabrina Jutronich 8.4 1st
JaKe Shaffer (Goldenwest Swim Club) 7.43 2nd
Niko Mour (Del Mar) 3.8 3rd
Wesley Healy 2.96 4th
Girls U18 Points Place
Miko Baron (Pine St) 9.17 1st
Malia Hanss (The Guardians) 8.57 2nd
Michelle Urkov (Del Mar) 6.73 3rd
Leinani Mench (Del Mart) 5.7 4th
Rose Healy 2.4 5th

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